It is not only important to buy a cooler bag but the cooler bag you buy must really serve the purpose you bought it for. You may find it tough to buy the best coolers bag since there are several options available in the market with different sizes, shapes and designs. You can check the different types of coolers like cooler bags, cooler back packs and steel coolers in the website Here are some tips to buy the best cooler bag that will meet your demand.

You must first decide the size of the cooler bag that you need. You can decide this based on the amount of food you want to store and the amount of time you want the bag to keep it cool. You must be aware of the fact that half the bag will be filled with ice and you can store the beverages and food in the other half. So you must buy a bag that is double the size of the food items you are actually going to preserve in the ice bag. If you want the food to stay in the original condition for a longer period, you need a cooler bag with more quantity of ice and of a larger size.

The second thing you must focus is the shape of the bag you want. The cooler bags are available in two shapes mostly. One is cube boxes and this bag is in the shape of a cube and another one is rectangular shape bags and it is called long boxes. Both these box shapes have benefits and drawbacks.

The cube box takes only less space and it is really convenient for traveling. It has equal side wall dimensions. You can let the bottles stand upright in the box since the boxes are high in size. The main disadvantage of this model is you need to dig the ice to retrieve the food items that are present at the bottom.

Rectangular shaped long boxes are lower in size than the cube boxes and it is very convenient to take food and beverages from this box. Many trucks find it easy to accommodate the long boxes during travel than the cube boxes where the height of the box is the main limitation in cube box.

The next factor is ice retention capability of the ice boxes that you use for preserving foods and drinks. You can check the thickness of the insulation to find the ice holding capacity. Apart from the thickness, you must also check the quality of the insulation that depends on the method of insulation injected at the time of manufacturing.

You must check the claims of the ice bag with the seller about the quantity of ice it can hold. Many sellers claim that their box in the best one that holds ice for longer periods but there are no evidence to prove their statement. A quality cooler box with the capacity of seventy liters retains the ice for up to seven days. Larger boxes are good to hold the ice for longer period as the surface to the volume ratio of the boxes is lower.